Alisa Rude Newspaper Feature

Found some old pictures of Alisa from the newspaper feature she did a few weeks ago. Here they are in no particular order, photos from the Alisa Rude newspaper article.

Campaign for Alisa Rude 2012 President!

Campaign to STOP Alisa Rude 2012 Campaign for President.

Always Alisa, never “Rude”. LOL!

This one is definitely my winner for our inside joke. Go for it Alisa!


Fall 2012 Dinner Party with Tom and Alisa Rude

Here are some great pictures of our recent dinner party (no theme this time!). We all had a great time. Tom and Alisa Rude were hilarious and we will definitely be inviting them this winter. Thanks to Cecelia and Ronald for bringing them to the Fall 2012 dinner party.

Here is Alisa Rude at the marathon this year.